project interconnect

Objectives: What are we going
to do together?

Interconnect addresses the opportunity of curbing the car-reliant mobility trend in the South Baltic area by means of user-adjusted and more sustainable public transport services for regional and cross-border travels.
We will carry out joint capacity-building, pilot demonstration and advocacy actions to tackle the three dimensions of public transport:
  • the demand,
  • the supply,
  • the governance.

Recognised needs for no-car travels

In the workpackage on ‘Evidence, knowledge and experience’ (WP3), we speak to local and regional stakeholders in the partner areas to:
identify their current and future needs for traveling without a car.

work out a catalogue of sustainable public transport solutions matching current and future mobility patterns.
help them agree on a vision of sustainable public transport system and a path to achieve it,

Customer-friendly travel offer 


In the workpackage on ‘Steering tools and business models’ (WP4), we depart from analysing strengths and weaknesses of today’s public transport systems in the partner areas. Through the three pilot cases (Blekinge-Pomorskie; Klaipeda area and Rostock-Guldborgsund) we are going to develop and enhance the specific regional and cross-border travel offer for foot passengers. We plan to organise a constant information exchange between the pilot cases and enhance the public transport systems with a multi-stakeholder planning model and a decision-making tool for better sustainability – so that the public transport services provide an attractive 

Tighter cooperation on public transport

In the workpackage on ‘Future governance and institutionalisation’ (WP5), we organise a cross-border and cross-sectoral dialogue to better plan and manage public transport in the South Baltic area, based on good practice available elsewhere. We are going to suggest a multi-level governance framework for cooperation on public transport between the South Baltic stakeholders and find ways to put public transport services for regional and cross-border travels on the policy agendas for sustainable and inclusive growth.