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Interconnect Tourism project finalized!

The project Interconnect Tourism  seed money project is successfully finalized. The results and roadmap for further joint action was presented during the final project partner meeting in Karlskrona in May 2022.

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Euroregion Baltic Mobility Core Group

On 3rd December 2020 Euroregion Baltic, one of our project partners, had its last Executive Board meeting in 2020. During the meeting the Board members agreed to establish another task force in the Euroregion Baltic – Mobility Core Group.

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A Catalogue of Solutions for Sustainable Cross-Border and Regional Public Transport

by S. Borén1, *, H. Ny1, J. Tenart2 and M. Mazouzi3 

Abstract. The current public transport offers in the South Baltic region seldom meet customer expectations for easiness and attractivity of cross-border/regional journeys and rarely include integrated tickets for multimodal rides. To address that, stakeholders from six regions around the southern Baltic Sea developed the INTERCONNECT project that was guided by a holistic perspective on sustainability. Informed by that, this paper’s objective was to propose a tool/method containing a planning process with a comprehensive and on-line open-access catalogue of solutions for sustainable cross-border/regional public transport services to inspire and guide planning and decision-making. The tool/method that was developed in this paper include a 7-step process and a catalogue of 42 solutions that were developed through several workshops and discussions among the authors and other experts in the field. The findings were compared and integrated with literature findings, practical experiences, then assessed against a principled definition of sustainability, and finally scrutinized and reviewed by project partners and external experts. The authors expect the results to sufficiently cover possible solutions for strategic sustainable development of cross-border/regional public transport and to inspire further development in other regions with similar infrastructure and financial means.

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Silently across the Warnow River - new electric solar passenger ferry is scheduled to go into service in Rostock city harbour in summer 2021

Rostocker Straßenbahn AG, Janette Heidenreich

A diesel-powered ferry has been connecting Rostock's city harbor with the Gehlsdorf district on the northern side of the Warnow for 22 years. This passenger ferry connection is part of the regional transport association “Verkehrverbund Warnow” (VVW). In the beginning of 2018 the decision was made to replace the old ship with an one-man electric ship - an idea that is also anchored in the “Electric Mobility Strategy of the Hanseatic City of Rostock”.

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ekspeditioNORD, a Rostock - Guldborgsund exhibition

In the Interconnect project Rostock-Guldborgsund axis one of the aims was to support cooperation and interconnections between local governments and public administrations but also civil societies with specific focus on educational institutions and schools, culture and tourism organisations and business co-operations. The project did not fund the artists or the art products, but promoted events and supported establishing cross-border interconnections.

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Interreg project "Interconnect" successfully finalised

by Adreas Schubert

The Regiopole Rostock sees itself as an efficient city in the Baltic Sea region, ideally located between the metropolitan region of Berlin, Hamburg and Copenhagen / Malmö. Rostock has traditionally been functionally and emotionally intertwined with the Baltic Sea region and owes its prosperity and reputation to the good co-operation in the Baltic Sea Region. This potential had to be leveraged since the 1990s and turned into a development advantage in Rostock's favour. That is why the city administration has been collecting targeted EU funding from the Interreg programmes “Baltic Sea Region” and “South Baltic Area” since the mid-2000s in order to improve the travel conditions for pedestrian passengers between Rostock and southern Denmark. With the Interreg project Interconnect, a project family for Rostock and the partner Municipality Guldborgsund (DK) is coming to an end. The City Light campaign in Rostock, which began on October 6, 2020, is the end of the project.

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